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⭐️ BLACK Princess for sale ⭐️



7 y/o

1,42 high

1 prize

Sport material for T1 and V1

Gáta is 7 y/o, 1 prize 4 gaited mare that will be amazing for sport competition. She’s very uphill build so she will be super fun for T1 because it will be easy for her to be collected which is important for slow tempo tölt and also the speed changes. She’s sensitive to the aids for the rider and is confident in the environment. She will be great for someone that want to start to compete already and wants to grow together with their competition horse.

Gáta has scored total in FIZO 8,01. For conformation 8,24 and she has received 8,5 for head and Neck-withers-shoulders, and for back and croup she got 9,0!!

In rideability Gáta has received 8,5 for tölt, spirit, general impression and walk, and for galop she received 9,0!!

There is also space for much more improvement in FIZO for Gáta and it would be very exciting to bring her again next year ⭐️

Gáta has also very good breedingline, she’s after the famous Hringur frá Gunnarsstöðum which is given amazing offsprings. Her mother is a daughter of the AMAZING Orri frá Þúfu which almost everyone knows!

Here is video of Gáta:

For more info about Gáta press "contact here" above.

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