⭐️ Future superstar ⭐️


5 y/o


4 gaiter

1,41 high

Hrynjandi is a young, unique, super talented gelding. I would say he’s the type that many people are looking for. Great quality in all 4 gaits, well trained and educated for young age, amazing mindset, x-factor and he has what it takes to be a future star ⭐️

Hrynjandi was shown in FIZO last year with amazing results were he scored as a 4 y/o 8,18 for ridden abilities. He got for example 9,0 for tölt, walk and ride ability, then he got 8,5 for trot, canter, gallop, general impression and slow tölt! Amazing results only 4 y/o!

His breedingline is one of a kind, his mother has 9,5 for tölt, trot and ride ability❣️

And his father got 9,0 for tölt, trot, canter, galop, general impression, ride ability and 9,5 for slow tempo tölt ONLY 4 y/o ❤️‍🔥 Just crazy ❤️‍🔥

Here is video of Hrynjandi:

If you are looking for a future star to go all the way in sport competition and could also be suitable for Gæðingakeppni, then Hrynjandi could be what you are looking for ✨

For more info contact above ⬆️