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✨✨✨D Á Ð ✨✨✨

10 y/o


1,44 high

5 gaited

🥇 price

Dáð is a 5 gaited talented mare that is ready for the track. She has an amazing mindset. She’s self confident and really eager to work with her rider. Dáð has 1 price in FIZO and has 8,5 for tölt and rideability and 9,0 for hoofs! She’s really fun to sit on with great movements and quality gaits.

She could fit perfectly for competition and as a luxury riding horse or as a great breeding mare. If you want to breed horses with good separated gaits, high movements and great mindset she could be the perfect option.

Here is videó of Dáð ⬇️

Are you looking for a fantastic 5 gaited mare? That you can enjoy, compete with and use in breeding? Dáð has the whole package 🥇⭐️

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