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✨ Promising competition gelding - with honor prize parents and brother ✨



6 y/o

1,41 high

Could be used both as a 4 and 5 gaiter (has pace but not trained yet)

Brother of the honor prize stallion Hrannar frá Flugumýri

Lykill is a very potential gelding with elastic, soft movesments and x-factor. He's sweet and polite in all handling, and in riding he has great willingness that is easily controlled by the rider. He has no score yet in sport, but is now ready to hit the track and will be super fun to follow in his future. He could fit in wide range of competitions. He's a 5 gaiter but the pace has not been trained yet. His brother, Hrannar frá Flugumýri is Landsmóts winner in A- flokkur and is also the Icelandic champion in F1. I think Lykill has a big future as a competition horse like his brother.

Lykill is after the honor prize stallion Hróður frá Flugumýri that is a well know stallion here in Iceland and has given a great variety of competition horses. His mother is Sending frá Flugumýri, which also has honor price for offsprings and has given 6 highly judged 1 prize offsprings.

The breeding line of Lykill is fantastic, honor prize horses all around him so his quality is pure from all directions.

Lykill will be amazing for someone that wants to grow together with their horse and aim to high level competition.

Here is video of Lykill:

For more info about Lykill press "contact me" above :)

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