⭐️ PROMISING Stallion ⭐️


6 y/o


1,42 high

Son of the honour prize stallion Sveinn-Hervar frá Þúfu.

Ævarr is a very talented young guy with super exciting future! He has great topline and is very easy to form and light in contact on the reins. He’s short with strong back and has wide movements. He gives the rider great feeling to sit on. All gaits have great quality and needs further training to go all the way. Ævarr has great mindset. Perfect willingness, ready to work when he’s asked and always easy to relax.

This black beautiful guy is the son of the honour prize stallion Sveinn-Hervar frá Þúfu, which has given many amazing competitions horses past years for example one of Icelandic most successful 4 gaiter Frami frá Ketilsstöðum is a son of Sveinn-Hervar!

His mother is a great 🥇 prize mare with 8,55 for ride abilities, 9,0 for galop and spirit!

Here is video of Ævarr ⬇️

Are you looking for a future sport material? Your own superstar?

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