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⚜️ R Ö S K ⚜️

⚜️ 6 y/o

⚜️ Mare

⚜️ 4 gaited

⚜️ super breeding lines!

Rösk is a very interesting 4 gaited mare. She has a calm and easy character, and is super fun to work with. She has great qualities in her gaits and canter and trot with air and the gaits are really separated. She needs more help to develop the tölt and also to build up a stronger topline. Shes very elegant and "girly" in her building wiht average size with a lot of mane.

Rösk has the potential to be trained for competition and FIZO and needs a rider that can develop, because she's not fully ready. She could definitely with right training be ready for both next season.

At the moment she's not inside in training and is therefore available for super fair price! Under 7000 euro!!! Don't miss this special opportunity ⭐️

Her father is the great Rammi frá Bùlandi which has given many super interesting competitions horses. And her mother has given amazing offspring's, five of them has got 🥇 prize in FIZO! 🏆

For more info contact here above or at my Instagram.

Here is video of Rösk:


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