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✨ Super Mare Available ✨ Future Top Sport ✨

✨ Mare

✨ 4 gaiter

✨ 7 y/o

✨ 1,44

✨ V1 and T1

This amazing mare is available! If you are looking for a high class future sport material this is your girl 🔥 She’s shown in FIZO with 9,0 for tölt and spirit.

The feeling to sit her tölt is just something else, she’s super uphill and easy to collect with great movements and beat. Her mindset is super cool, she’s confident in all surroundings and her willingness is perfect. She’s forward going but always ready to relax when asked.

Her breeding lines are also very interesting! Her father was the amazing Hraunar frá Hrosshaga who did super at LM2016 when he got only 4 y/o - 9,5 for slow tempo tölt!!! And her mother has given

3 mares in 1 prize and one has 9,5 for tölt, trot and spirit!!!

This super interesting mare has big opportunity to develop even further in the right hands 💯 can’t wait what the future will be for her, I believe she has some 9,5 to show 👀🔝

For more info about this fantastic mare, click “contact me” above or contact at instagram raggaha 🔥


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