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⭐️ Great T7 or T4 mare for sale ⭐️



8 y/o

1,40 high

4 gaiter

Exiting tölt horse for T7 or T4

Villa is a great tölt mare with forwardness and good movements and is super fun to ride. She’s eager to work and is easy to form. Light on the reins and is listening well to her rider.

Villa will be suitable for T7 or T4, and will Also be amazing for someone that is looking for luxury riding horse.

Villa´s father is Barði frá Laugabökkum which has scored 9,0 for tölt, gallop, general impression and slow tempo tölt in Fizo. Also he has scored over 8,0 in T1!

Therefor Villa could also be exiting for people that wants to breed nice, tölt horses.

Here you can see video of Villa:

For more information about this super nice tölt machine press "contact me" above. She will definitely make some luck rider very happy!

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