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Here below is a list all the horses I have for sale, but some don't make it to the internet!

Do you have any special horse in mind?


Updated: May 5

✨✨✨D Á Ð ✨✨✨

10 y/o


1,44 high

5 gaited

🥇 price

Dáð is a 5 gaited talented mare that is ready for the track. She has an amazing mindset. She’s self confident and really eager to work with her rider. Dáð has 1 price in FIZO and has 8,5 for tölt and rideability and 9,0 for hoofs! She’s really fun to sit on with great movements and quality gaits.

She could fit perfectly for competition and as a luxury riding horse or as a great breeding mare. If you want to breed horses with good separated gaits, high movements and great mindset she could be the perfect option.

Here is videó of Dáð ⬇️

Are you looking for a fantastic 5 gaited mare? That you can enjoy, compete with and use in breeding? Dáð has the whole package 🥇⭐️

For more info contact above ⬆️

✨✨✨V Á L I ✨✨✨

5 y/o


1,44 high

5 gaiter

Váli is a promising sweet young guy. He has sweet and easy mind and his willingness is perfect. He’s just like the rider wants him to be. If you want a quiet easy ride or if you want to make him fly in the gaits he’s up to both. He’s 5 gaited and will be suitable for F1 and T2 in the future. For his young age he’s well educated and answers light to all basics aids. He’s easy to form and light on the reins. I would recommend this young sweet guy for everyone that are looking for a future partner to grow more with and learn to build up their own project. I know it will be a lot of fun work with Váli in the future ⭐️

Here is video of Váli:

Don’t hesitate to contact if you want to know more about this beautiful young guy. The one that gets him will be one lucky rider 🍀

For further information please contact above on the page ⬆️

Updated: May 14


5 y/o


4 gaiter

1,41 high

Hrynjandi is a young, unique, super talented gelding. I would say he’s the type that many people are looking for. Great quality in all 4 gaits, well trained and educated for young age, amazing mindset, x-factor and he has what it takes to be a future star ⭐️

Hrynjandi was shown in FIZO last year with amazing results were he scored as a 4 y/o 8,18 for ridden abilities. He got for example 9,0 for tölt, walk and ride ability, then he got 8,5 for trot, canter, gallop, general impression and slow tölt! Amazing results only 4 y/o!

His breedingline is one of a kind, his mother has 9,5 for tölt, trot and ride ability❣️

And his father got 9,0 for tölt, trot, canter, galop, general impression, ride ability and 9,5 for slow tempo tölt ONLY 4 y/o ❤️‍🔥 Just crazy ❤️‍🔥

Here is video of Hrynjandi:

If you are looking for a future star to go all the way in sport competition and could also be suitable for Gæðingakeppni, then Hrynjandi could be what you are looking for ✨

For more info contact above ⬆️