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Here below is a list all the horses I have for sale, but some don't make it to the internet!

Do you have any special horse in mind?


⚜️ 6 y/o

⚜️ Mare

⚜️ 4 gaited

⚜️ super breeding lines!

Rösk is a very interesting 4 gaited mare. She has a calm and easy character, and is super fun to work with. She has great qualities in her gaits and canter and trot with air and the gaits are really separated. She needs more help to develop the tölt and also to build up a stronger topline. Shes very elegant and "girly" in her building wiht average size with a lot of mane.

Rösk has the potential to be trained for competition and FIZO and needs a rider that can develop, because she's not fully ready. She could definitely with right training be ready for both next season.

At the moment she's not inside in training and is therefore available for super fair price! Under 7000 euro!!! Don't miss this special opportunity

Her father is the great Rammi frá Bùlandi which has given many super interesting competitions horses. And her mother has given amazing offspring's, five of them has got 🥇 prize in FIZO! 🏆

For more info contact here above or at my Instagram.

Here is video of Rösk:

Updated: 2 days ago

🌙 6 y/o

🌙 Gelding

🌙 Promising project

🌙 Black with a star ⭐

Garpur is super promising gelding, showing big beautiful strikes in walk and trot. Her runs under himself with air in the canter and is showing tölt steps also without rider. He also has a strong topline and is all over a very strong build horse.

He was started in training when he was 4 y/o and was ridden for around 3 months. Working well with his rider. He's now 6 y/o and therefore needs to get short basic training again, but he's quick to learn and wants to please his rider.

Garpur is the perfect project for someone that wants to get a talented horse for very fair price. He can with more training go far with his rider and has the potential to go all the way in sport. He's showing all gaits with quality running free.

Garpur's breedindlines are also super interesting. He's after the amazing stallion Hreyfill frá Vorsabæ, which has given amazing offspring's both in competition and in FIZO. They are known for super good temperament, high movements and quality in the gaits with super good Tölt quality. I think Garpur will be a lot like that.

His mother is also 1 prize mare, after the famous Galsi frá Sauðárkrók. His grandmother has given many amazing 1 prize offspring's and the bloodline is strong and reliable.

If you are looking for a super fun project to build up by yourself for a very fair price. This guy could be super interesting 🤩

Contact here above for further info ⬆️

Here is video of Garpur running free:

(Unfortunately there is no video available with him under rider)


Born 2015

4 gaiter

AMAZING breedingline

Títan is a fantastic 4 gaited gelding with sweet character. He's easy in all handling and well educated. Just all over a problem free horse. Trustworthy and a true companion that everyone that want to enjoy their horses would love to ride and be around. The willingness is medium and without tension. Never stressed and is with the rider. Although he needs to get used to new surroundings, he can be a little bit unsecured with some surrounding. Just hesitating a little bit and then when he knows the new things it's over. Therefore he needs a rider that can guide him in the right way ❤️

All over a wonderful horse that can be for either luxury riding and also as a competition horse. He needs a rider that can work with his topline and develop him in the right way. Really fun project if you ask me!!

His mother was an amazing mare with 9,0 for tölt, spirit, general impression, walk, slow tempo tölt, canter and 9,5 for gallop!! Also she scored 7,0 in V1 and 8,70 in B-flokkur!!! Títan reminds a lot of his mother and will be exiting to see how far he can go!

His father is the amazing 🥇 prize stallion Hágangur frá Narfastöðum witch has honour prize for offspring's and has given amazing competition horses 🎖️🏆🏆

For more info and asking price contact here above ⬆️

Here is video of Títan:

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